So you are a chick who reads, eh? 

If you are a huge fan of chick lit, like all our readers are ~ and I! ~, then you're in the right place!

This is what will happen when you become member of the This Chick Writes Reading club:

* you will receive news of the new chick lit launches

* you'll get to ask questions to our authors ("15 Fun Facts" coming soon!)

* every month you participate in an ebook raffle 

* you get new chick lit releases straight to your inbox

* you have access to a chick lit bookshelf

* you get the opportunity to be a beta-reader for the participants in the This Chick Writes challenge (how cool is that, reading the book before it hits the shops??)

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You also get today, as a thank you gift for becoming a member of our Reading Club, 5 lovely printable bookmarks.

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